Facebook PPC - Writing decent Adverts

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Facebook PPC - Writing decent Adverts

Facebook PPC is social. Make your adverts eye-catching and engaging, as you want to entice people to click on them.

Facebook PPC can be tricky, especially if you are targeting a small niche. The following tips will focus on which images to use and what to think about when writing advert copy. Hopefully they should help you start to learn how to optimise and test your campaigns.

A frequent complaint I hear regarding Facebook PPC, is that a company started off getting lots of clicks, and these number have now declined. I like to call this 'ad fatigue'. If you are using the same ads, the same text and the same images for months on end then the potential customers are just going to get bored with it.

Be dynamic with your Facebook ads

As with any PPC platform, you mustn't just set it up, leave it and expect it to continually reward you with great results. You need to be continually testing. Facebook is a social platform so be adventurous in your adverts.

On some adverts, the image isn't even closely related it's only there to grab your attention and make you read the content. This allows you to be creative, and even show your company has a sense of humour and is in tune with the demographic they are targeting.

If you are dealing with the B2B space, then this can still apply. You are targeting business people in their down time, so keep it light hearted and appeal to them directly.

Try and be specific with your adverts and really think about who you are targeting and what you are selling. Relevancy, as with anything to do with PPC, is key to a decent campaign and profitable ROI.